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Andrew Stanley


Personal Trainer


From an early age I have always been interested in health and fitness, and had a real passion in training and helping others reach their goals and targets. I have been a Personal Trainer for 6 years now and worked in several gyms around the area, gaining a good insight into the training industry.


I have attained my Level 3 Advanced Training in Sport and Exercise, a Master Personal Training Diploma and an Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training.


My main focus is strength and conditioning training, which I have done for many years now. I trained weights from the age of 15 and with it I had a strict diet and saw a change in my body and gained muscle and strength over the years, hitting targets I never thought I would be able to. Since joining the club I have also made my semi-pro boxing debut, scoring a win this October.


I have trained many people who have gained a lot of self esteem, and helped them to feel great about themselves by following routines that we have worked together on, doing intense workouts week after week to earn the results. Ranging from cardio workouts to weights, I guide clients into making sure they are doing the right workout for the right period of time on each muscle group and not over-training. For some people weights are more important, and certain people like to ‘bulk’ so I would get them training weights a minimum of 3 times a week, working mainly on two parts of the body in one session to get the best out of their workout and reach the all important failure part of the session. For others cardio is their main focus, and conditioning the body to get the toned and lean look. For this I mix weights in with some training on a treadmill, cross trainer, spin bike, interval training and a good abs workout at the end. This way you hit every muscle of the body and get the gains you want in a matter of weeks.


But as they say, ‘no pain no gain’ so if you're looking to hit some weights or generally just get fit, tone up, feel great and put that spring back into life, then get booked in and get on course to fighting fit! Or you can find me down at the club either training or running my class on a Monday 7.30-8.30pm or Thursday 8-9pm or every other Saturday morning from 10-11am to join in and get motivated!


You can book a session by contacting me on 07730 197287 or mail



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