Covid-19: Safety Measures


When we re-open fully on the 25th July we will be running an enhanced Timetable of 39 Classes, this will include 6 Kids Classes and 5 Classes which will remain Online over Zoom. Full details are on our website under Class Timetable.


Opening Hours

Our opening hours to Members will be: 6:30am - 9pm Monday - Friday, 7am - 6pm Saturday and 8am - 4pm Saturday.


We will also be taking the following steps, in line with Government Guidelines, to keep our Members as safe as possible:


  • We have carried out a COVID-19 Risk assessment and shared the results with those who work at the club.


  • Guidelines state that each person training in a class must have 100stft of Gym space (this includes all areas of the gym) so classes will be limited to 20 in the Fitness Gym, 17 in the Boxing/MMA Gym and 7 in the Weights Room. We will limit to these numbers, but given our usual class sizes are well below these numbers in these areas, people will not be required to book for a class until we are close to exceeding these numbers.


  • There are now 7 Hand Sanitizer Stations on the walls of the Gyms, Outdoor Area, and Reception area. Please sanitize your hands on entering the gym and regularly throughout your workout.


  • Increased ventilation: We will maximise the ventilation coming through the gyms by ensuring doors and windows are left open at all times.


  • We will be roping off some machines to ensure adequate social distancing is able to be maintained when using the equipment.


  • We will be utilising the Outdoor Areas where appropriate to hold classes.


  • Given the 5000sq ft of gym space, three separate buildings and the understandable drop off in memberships during the pandemic, we will not require members to pre-book before arrival at the club. We will keep this under constant review to make sure we are conforming with the number of people allowed in the spaces.


  • We encourage our members to shower and change at home where possible, but our changing facilities will remain open for members to use.


  • We will run a small number of classes where it will be impossible tomaintain adequate social distancing at times during the class (i.e. Sparring Classes). Before these classes the instructor will inform the class of this fact before starting the class, ask anyone who thinks they may have any symptoms of illness, is part of a vulnerable group, or is living with someone who is part of a vulnerable group not to partake in the class. All students will then be temperature tested before the class begins.


  • We have instituted enhanced cleaning regimes for the club. There are also paper towels and disinfectant by all machinery, and we would ask that members wipe down the equipment after use.


  • Members who have experienced symptoms, or been in a country where quarantine upon return is required should not attend until the recommended isolation period has passed.


  • We have enhanced the CCTV systems in the club so we can record who has been using the gyms. We require anyone who experiences symptoms and has recently used the gym to inform us so we can supply details to Track and Trace.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Members for helping us with these measures, as we try to bring you the best SMBC experience, while making sure we are maximising safety.













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