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Giving you Technique and Workout videos across Fitness, Boxing, MMA and BJJ together with access to Top Trainers, Live Streamed Classes, Daily Workouts and Progress Tracking.

For Beginners to Advanced, whether you are looking to compete, or just want to utilise the training techniques that fighters use to learn skills and get in perfect shape!

The South Moreton Boxing Club App will give you your own Fitness/Boxing/MMA and BJJ Club that can travel everywhere with you.


The App is free and will give you all the functionality of the SMBC Website, you can see our Timetable, Train with Pre-Recorded Classes, browse our Shop or check out our Trainers.


The Premium level of the App (£5.99 per month) will give you access to a vast array of videos broken down across the four disciplines we specialise in: Fitness, Boxing, MMA and BJJ. Here you can study technique videos from each discipline and download relevant workouts to do either in a gym setting or with just bodyweight.

You also have access to Live Streamed Classes with a variety of different trainers as well as Daily Workouts and the ability to track your progress in the App as you improve your technique and fitness.

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