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My name is Simon Squires and I want to share my passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self defence.


On the SMBC app you will find a full range of courses covering BJJ training, technique, drills, seminars and all the classes I teach, suitable for beginners to advanced athletes. 


To one of the best journeys life has to offer... On the app we will be looking to study the beautiful art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

We will be looking at all aspects of Jiu Jitsu.


I have a specific Leg Lock section inside where members can really delve into the dark arts. I believe in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I think it's a journey unlike any other. And you can come and be a part of it and I can share years and years of techniques with you all. 


Simon Squires

BJJ Belts.jpg

Sean Omalley


Since I started training at South Moreton, I've found the training to be very thorough. The instruction from Simon is personal and informative to each person. Always making time to be sure we understand and drill correctly.

The environment is fun and friendly which makes training even more enjoyable.

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