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2 on 1 Takedown

Unlike Judo and Gi Jiu Jitsu, wrestling or No Gi offer far few gripping opportunities. Due to this lack of strong gripping opportunities, many people find it difficult to secure a takedown. The 2 on 1 offers a powerful solution to the No Gi / Wrestling gripping problem.
The reason the 2 on 1 is such a strong No Gi grip is that you’re using two of your limbs to control just one of your opponents. This makes it much maintain and control the grip.
Once you have the 2 on 1 grip, there are numerous high percentage takedown options, and that’s what we’re going work in the next lot of videos.

In the first part of the plan, we’re going to look at the basic 2 on 1 set up and one of the
simplest takedowns to attack from the position.
Let’s get into the first part of the plan.
Video 1 
2 on 1 Drag Down
Alternating Drill #1: Setting Up 2 On 1 ( 3 min alternating) 
Technical Drill #1: Drag Down (3 min ea)

Flow Drill #1: Opp gets collar tie —> 2 on 1 —> Drag Down —> Take Back —> Choke (3 min alternating)

Specific Training #1: 2 on 1 control (try to maintain the 2 on 1 position, opp tries to escape, 1 min ea)

Specific Training #2: From the 2 on 1 position (try to get the takedown, reset if opp escapes, 2 min ea)

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