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Lapel Closed Guard Flower Sweep

The flower Sweep is one of the first sweeps most people learn from Closed Guard. Despite its simplicity, it’s also one of the most effective sweeps from guard. 

Due to the positioning of the Lapel Closed Guard, the flower Sweep is easy to set up. 

The only slight difference when using the flower sweep from the Lapel Closed Guard is you have to put more energy into lifting the leg.

Let’s get into how to use the flower Sweep from Lapel Closed Guard now. 


Micro Drill #1: Lapel Closed Guard Set Up  (1 min ea) 


Technical Drill #1: Lapel Closed Guard Flower Sweep (3 min ea) 


Specific Training #1: Lapel Closed Guard (reset if opponent escapes or you sweep or submit them, 3 min ea) 

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