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Lapel Closed Guard Omoplata

One of the great things about the Lapel Closed Guard is that it exposes your opponent's elbows. I’m Closed Guard this means the Omoplata can be easily set up. 

While it is possible to finish the Omoplata from the Lapel Closed Guard, most commonly I use the position to sweep. 

Sweeping is not a bad thing as you’ll score two points and you can still reroll to the Omoplata. 

In this part of the plan, we’re going to set up the Omoplata from Lapel Guard then use it to sweep and reroll to finish the shoulder Lock.

Here is the plan 


Micro Drill #1: Lapel Closed Guard Set Up ( 1 min ea) 


Technical Drill #1: Lapel Closed Guard Omoplata Sequence ( 3 min ea) 


Specific Training #1: Lapel Closed Guard (reset if opponent escapes or you sweep or submit them, 3 min ea) 

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