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Foot Sweep

Foot sweeps are awesome and when they work your opponent will feel like they’re skating on ice. The key to getting a foot sweep to work is the getting the timing and set up right. While the foot sweep from the 2 on 1 can be used as a stand-alone attack anytime your opponent steps their near leg forwards, typically it comes when you’re opponent blocks your Uchi Mata entry. Their counter movement gives you the perfect opportunity to foot sweep.
In this part of the plan, we’re going to look at the foot sweep from the Uchi Mata.

Alternating Drill #1: Uchi Mata / Inside Trip (3 min alternating)

Alternating Drill #2: Foot Sweep (shown 3 min alternating)

Flow Drill #1: Opp gets collar tie —> 2 on 1 —> Uchi Mata / Inside Trip —> Opp blocks —> Foot Sweep —> Opp rolls away —> Take Back —> Back (3 min alternating)

Specific Training #1: 2 on 1 control (try to maintain the 2 on 1 position, opp tries to escape, 1 min ea)

Specific Training #2: From the 2 on 1 position (try to get the takedown, reset if opp escapes, 2 min ea)

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