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Squid Guard Attacks

Squid Guard to X Guard
The back sweep is a very simple attack from the Squid Guard. However, if your opponent hides their De La Riva leg, the back sweep is no longer an option.
In this situation, one of the easiest transitions is to X Guard. From X Guard there are a number of attacking options.
The transition from Squid Guard to X Guard is what we’re going to work now.


Micro Drill #1: Squid Guard Grip Switch (2 min ea)
Technical Drill #1: Squid Guard to X Guard (3 min ea)
Flow Drill #1: Pulls DLR (collar & ankle) —> Opp breaks collar grip —> Set Up Squid Guard —> Transition to X Guard —> Sweep (3 min alternating)
Specific Training #1: Squid Guard (reset if opponent escapes or you sweep, 2 min ea) No Extra Training Time? Focus on getting to Squid Guard and transition to X Guard

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