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Squid Guard to Back

The final technique we're going to look at in this plan comes from a similar set up as the 50/50 transition. However, unlike the 50/50 transition, you go out the back door and take the back.
The only slight problem with this transition is you have to let go of the lapel to complete the technique. This should make to much of a difference it's just something to be aware of when using this attack.

Anchor 1

Micro Drill #1: Squid Guard Grip Switch (2 min ea)
Technical Drill #1: Squid Guard to back (3 min ea)
Flow Drill #1: Pulls DLR (collar & ankle) —> Opp breaks collar grip —> Set Up Squid Guard —> Transition to Back —> Choke 3 min alternating)
Specific Training #1: Squid Guard (reset if opponent escapes or you sweep, 2 min ea) No Extra Training Time? Focus on getting to Squid Guard and taking the back.

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