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Williams Guard Omoplata and Breakdown

One of the keys to completing the Omoplata is forcing your opponents shoulder to the floor. 
This makes it much easier to get you hips higher than the shoulder and apply the pressure. 
My favourite way to do this is by dragging my opponent sideways and breaking their posture. 

Anchor 1

That's what we're going to work in this plan. 

Technical Drill #1: Williams Guard Switch ( 3 min ea) 
Technical Drill #2: Omoplata Breakdown ( 3 min) 

Flow Drill #1: Closed Guard --> Williams Guard --> Williams Guard Switch --> Omoplata -- > Omoplata Breakdown --> Submission (3 min alternating) 

Specific Training #1: Williams Guard Control (opponent tries to escape guard, 2 min ea) Specific Training #2: Williams Guard (reset when you sweep, submit, or lose position, 2 min ea) 

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