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Worm Guard Back Attack

As with any technique in Jiu Jitsu, when you attack with the overhead sweep, you should be prepared for your opponent to defend.
The way your opponent will defend the overhead sweep is by sinking their weight down. If they do this, you can transition straight to their back.


Speed Drill #1: Lapel Timing Drill (1 min ea) Technical Drill #1: Worm Guard Back Attack (3 min ea)
Flow Drill #1: Pull Collar & Ankle —> Opp breaks collar grip —> Set Up Worm Guard —> Set Up Knock Down Sweep —> Opp Defends —> Transition to Back (3 min alternating)
Specific Training #1: From Worm Guard (reset if opponent escapes or you sweep or submit them, 3 min ea)


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