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As a way to reciprocate the wonderful support we've had from our community, we’d love to help get the message out about our members' companies. Take a moment to fill out the form here to add your details to the directory below, which all SMBC Members can access.

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Yoga with Carlita

Hola! My name is Carlita, and I am a qualified Yoga Instructor, currently based in Wallingford - Oxfordshire.

I believe that yoga is a natural and highly efficient system for healing, health and happiness. I have experienced a massive change within myself and I am very excited to share these tools with you so that you can also benefit from them.

Yoga has increased my strength, flexibility, body control & body awareness but most importantly for me was the inward mental journey that became the hardest but definitely the most rewarding journey I have ever been on.

My classes are very special and unique, built around my own personal experiences. They are approachable with challenging flows for the body and the mind, focusing on body control and strength using the breath to carry my students through their own personal yoga practice.

I encourage my students to work with their own edge and to forget about how it looks as the most important part is about how it makes you feel in the body and mind.

I teach Forrest Yoga, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Meditation, Pregnancy Yoga and Slow Flow. Check out my website to find out more!

Drain Doctor.jpeg

Drain Doctor

Drain Doctor is the UK’s largest drainage and emergency plumbing company, providing around the clock support, 365 days of the year. Equipped with state of the art equipment, our dedicated engineers will soon banish those blocked drains, bad smells and plumbing issues. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, with all work guaranteed. Our service offering includes unblocking drains and toilets, PPM maintenance to prevent problems from initially occurring, right through to services such as drain mapping, pre-purchase reports and leaking taps.

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