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Welcome to the SMBC Online Personal Training Programme

Here at South Moreton Boxing Club we have been doing Personal Training with Clients and achieving great results for over 15 years! We appreciate it’s not always possible to get to our Club, and sometimes Personal Training can be an expensive option, so we have come up with this online option to give more people the opportunity to access our Trainers knowledge and experience, at a much cheaper price.


You will still get to choose your own Personal Trainer to work directly with. John, Rosie, Darius, Simon and Terry all bring different skills and personalities to their work, but all have one thing very much in common, as well as being qualified and experienced Personal Trainers, they have all competed at a high level in their chosen Combat Sport, be it Boxing, BJJ or MMA. That means not only have they done the theory side of Personal Training in their academic studies, but they know the practical results of applying that knowledge in real competition situations. That gives them an edge and realism to the effects of training, diet and motivation that they can bring to your personal programme!


So whatever your goals, whether it is to lose fat, build muscle, improve fitness or just improve health, they can work with you to develop exactly the right plan, and work with you throughout the plan to achieve the results you want.

That said, it’s important to be truthful from the outset, we will never over promise or under deliver, you need dedication to succeed. Even with a great coach and plan, you will only get out what you put in!



How the Programme works

Nutritional Consultation and Audit

We will ask you to fill in a detailed questionnaire where we will seek to identify your body type and composition, as far as we can at this initial stage. This will help us to plan your diet and exercise programme better. We will also ask you to keep and submit a food diary for one week, to give us an idea of what you are consuming at present, and we will seek to find out your exercise history and motivation for change.

Bespoke Exercise Plan

The first four weeks exercise and diet plan will be issued to you and talked through in detail with your coach. On the dietary side, you will not be prescribed a set, cookie cutter diet, but we will seek to understand and work around your body’s needs and your desired results to make consistent and regular adjustments to your diet to achieve this. Your exercise plan will also be based around the desired results and the equipment you have access to.

Direct Access to Your Personal Trainer

The trainer you choose will work with you throughout the plan. As you feedback the results of your workouts and food diary, together with body stats, perceived results and motivation levels to make sure you are heading where you want to go, seeing results and enjoying training and reaping the rewards of the effort you are putting in.


What You Will Get:

A weekly exercise plan, which will be monitored and reviewed every week.

Up to four calls or emails with your Personal Trainer each week. Two Zoom Calls with your trainer per month (usually at the start of the month to set targets and the end of the month to review and plan)

Dietary monitoring and advice to steer you towards your optimum diet for the results you want.


The Programme costs £99 for the first month and £75 per month after that. There is no contract or joining fee. We would recommend you plan to train for a minimum eight weeks to see results, but the longer you train with us, the more noticeable and long lasting the effects will be. We hope that by providing a service you can trust and achieve results with, you will choose to continue.


Next Steps

Please read the CVs of our Personal Trainers, choose who you would like to train with and then fill in the online questionnaire. The trainer will then be in touch with you to outline their initial thoughts and discuss your start date.

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