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Demonstrates an ability to defend/maintain guard reasonably well against individuals of the same age/weight/ general skill level.
Generally (+60% of the time) avoids basic white belt errors: 

Passing on the knees.
Head below hips while passing (bad posture) Hugging partner in bad positions (mount, side control, half guard)
Using “bad Jiu Jitsu,” or techniques that work on white belts and no one else (e.g. digging elbows into thighs in closed guard to open). 

Consistently achieves positional dominance when training against individuals with less experience but similar demographic status. 

Provides a challenging roll against individuals with more experience (experienced blue belts/newish purple belts), particularly if that person is a similar age/weight/level of fitness. 

Demonstrates consistent work towards improvement in sparring. 


Other criteria to consider when thinking of promoting a student to blue belt.
Ideally, we encourage all students to experience competition at the local level before promotion.
Is a good training partner to others— not likely to injure/bully other students.
At least 15 years old (turning 16 during that same calendar year)
At least 1.5-2 years of consistent training 2 - 3 times per week, barring extenuating circumstances such as:
✓ Judo black belt
✓ Experience in other grappling arts, etc. 


Can perform a variation or variations of basic passes:
Breaking closed guard Knee slide
Double under
Leg drag
Torreando Leg weave 

Can perform a variation or variations of basic sweeps and submissions from guards (or a variation(s) of these guards):
Basic guard retention concepts 
Collar & sleeve/DLR 
Spider guard/lasso 
Butterfly guard 
X-guard/Single leg X 
Half guard
Closed guard

Can perform a variation or variations of basic submissions:
Arm bar from mount/closed guard
Cross choke w/lapels from mount/closed guard/ back
Rear naked choke
Basic ankle lock 

Understands and can demonstrate basic controls and escapes 
Side control
Inside closed guard Back control
Half guard

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