Simon Squires

MMA Curriculum 


Mixed Martial Arts is a full-contact combat sport that allows striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from various combat sports and martial arts. 


The MMA Curriculum programme is a unique approach to MMA.This Programme will break down & simplify Martial arts & its applications allowing you to find the best approach for you to progress within your abilities.


‘A beautiful way to sample, develop & create the artist in you, through a mixture of techniques presented under one roof’


MMA curriculum is based on the three levels of MMA competition and each level has three grades.

-Amateur (Level 1)

-Semi-professional (Level 2)

-Professional (Level 3)


The first three levels are amateur levels and focused on MMA fundamentals 

The second three levels are semi-professional focus on MMA transitions between striking, takedowns & grappling

The final three levels are focused on professional level skills including cage control, fight strategy and advanced combinations.


The MMA curriculum provides a clear, logical process for teaching and grading our MMA students. It's perfect for those students who need a goal but don't want to get in the cage and compete so this curriculum is great for both students one’s that want to compete and the students that just want a goal and have fun. In order to meet their needs, we have a MMA curriculum and hold MMA gradings. I did this to give my students short-term goals and reward them for achieving key milestones. 

This massively improved the retention of my MMA students. They now had structure, goals, and rewards for continuing to train.

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