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Darius Skop


My journey in sports started at 8 years of age when I joined my first swimming club in my native Poland. From there I was hooked on training and competing, and as well as excelling at swimming, I progressed through a number of other sports, before finally finding Boxing, where I was able to develop in a sport I see as an art form, and which I found the most challenging, and rewarding, of all the sports I had competed in.


After a successful amateur career, I decided I wanted to turn professional and so travelled to the UK, as the professional side of the sport is more established over here. I turned professional in 2014 and had 10 fights, winning seven, including topping the bill on huge shows in Poland and Norway. I have been inactive as a professional since 2017 but am planning a comeback soon.


I have been working at the South Moreton Boxing Club for seven years now, taking classes and 1-2-1 Personal Training Sessions. I am passionate about my own training and like to deliver the same high standards to all the people I train. I am a strong proponent of mental strength in training being of primary importance to achieving the goals you set. You need to believe in yourself and use that belief to drive your physical effort.


I work with clients of all fitness levels and ages, and tailor my sessions appropriately, but always bring the right amount of intensity to get results. I believe training should be a holistic experience, and as well as good physical effort, you should be looking to improve mental strength and so build confidence, free emotions, improve your body-shape and have fun! With the right program and the right commitment, you should leave a session smiling, and looking forward to the next one as you continue to improve and develop your fitness and technique, whether you are training with me at the club or online!


To book a session with me or chat about your training goals, mail me on


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