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Rachel Johnson


I’ve always enjoyed competitive sports, but when I started boxing I fell in love.
Boxing and fitness is not only great for your body, but great for your mind too. You never stop learning.

I have experience in the ring and am an active fighter, always looking to improve my own skills. 

Teaching Oxfords Ultra white collar with fellow coach Stano, for complete beginners and return fighters, is another favourite part of my job. 

I’m a Hatton fundamentals, advanced & juniors boxing instructor, specialising in padwork and fitness.

I offer 121s for fitness, conditioning, padwork and fight training. 

8 weeks calorie deficit plans are also available, teaching people new life time habits and structure, especially for those who have struggled with yo yo dieting.

I pride myself in being approachable & adaptable to my clients needs. Whether you’ve boxed before, or totally new to the sport, I will always make the session different and most importantly fun.

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