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Sweep Single

The 2 on 1 works best when you’re to the side of your opponent, as a result, a common reaction for your opponent is to try and square up to you. Whenever your opponent squares up, they’re opening the line to the far leg and you can attack with a single leg or sweep single.
In this part of the plan, we’re going to look at the sweep single from the 2 on 1.

Alternating Drill #1: Sweep Single (shown 3 min alternating)

Flow Drill #1: Opp gets collar tie —> 2 on 1 —> Opp squares up —> Sweep Single—> Trap Foot In Hip —> Opp goes flat —> Over Under Pass —> Leg Drag —> Opp tries to turtle —> Chair Sit —> Back (3 min alternating)

Specific Training #1: Sweep Single (start in sweep single, try to complete the takedown, opp tries to escape, 2 min ea)

Specific Training #2: From the 2 on 1 position (try to get the takedown, reset if opp escapes, 2 min ea)

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