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Take a look at what our members are saying below.  We’d love to hear from you so please add your testimonial here.

James P.jpg


Been training at SMBC for the past 9 months and absolutely love it!

Great coaches who are friendly and want to see you achieve your goals.

The facilities are fantastic with everything you could possibly need for a fantastic price all in one place.

James Prenderville

Adam C.jpg


I started training at South Moreton Boxing Club around 1 year ago.

I really enjoy classes and all coaches. Their knowledge is fantastic.

As a professional fighter I'm really happy I can train with guys on top levels which is helping me to achieve more. Great team with great coaches around. amazing atmosphere!I recommend that place to everyone who wants to achieve goals.

Adam Chetnik

Stuart N.jpg


Hi Simon, just wanted to say how great your new online classes are! Details are so good, really helping improve my game!

I've known Simon for a long time now, great guy and even better coach!

His new Online classes are so good, full of details which really help to improve your Jiu Jitsu! 

Stuart Newport

Clint W.jpg


SMBC is a great club offering a wide variety of classes with facilities to suit all.

I have the pleasure of learning BJJ under Simon, who is our Head coach and a brown belt under the amazing Tom Barlow & Chelsea Bainbridge-Donner.

Simon is a very dedicated coach and has recently developed an online BJJ lesson & information portal, which is free to SMBC members!!!

So if you can’t make a class or a seminar you can catch up on everything you’ve missed online. So check it out!! 

Clint Warren

Oliver & Liv H.jpg


A great club and supportive atmosphere with a huge range of people of all ages, from all walks of life.

My wife and I joined a few years ago and haven't stopped going since.

Instructors with saint-level patience bring together the benefits of a local gym combined with a modern approach to instruction.

Ever improving facilities provide the ideal place to let off some steam, keep fit, and go home exhausted and hungry. 

Oliver and Liv Hatt

Ian C.jpg


I've been training with Simon for nearly five years -- both MMA and BJJ -- when I started, I had not trained in nearly 20 years. 

Simon’s experience, brilliant enthusiasm and teaching method have helped me advance very quickly, develop my skills and technique and get plenty of experience through his brilliant sparring sessions and feedback.

He's got a great sense of humour, offers lots of advice and you can see how he lives for Martial Arts.

Ian Campsall

Joe B.jpg


Simon is a great teacher, very patient and friendly to all his students, even me a 54 year old white belt that sometimes just doesn’t get it.

The Dojo is very friendly and relaxed and everyone leaves their egos at the door.

Joe Bennett

Martin & Eric J.jpg

Simon is a great coach who shows interest in your personal development.

His style and experience has helped me shape my BJJ game to work for me.

It's hard to keep my 10yo son's attention but Simon teaches well at all age groups. 


Martin Jeffery

Russell Brady.jpg


Absolutely great place to train. Has a great mix of all kinds of training. Highly recommend joining this gym! Great for kids too. My daughter loved going to the Brazilian Jiujitsu classes, and I could join in with her at the family sessions too.

Russell Brady

Chris B.jpg


A really friendly and welcoming club, each class is really fun and rewarding.

The teacher makes sure that no one gets left behind by building up the complexity as the class progresses.

Questions are always answered and plenty of time is given to practice each part of the lesson.

A great club to build up your BJJ ability.

Chris Boreham



I have had a great time at South Moreton boxing club.

As a whole SMBC offers a large range of classes and great tuition, as well as a standalone gym.

Awesome atmosphere, welcoming and fun, with a fully equipped boxing ring and BJJ mats, you'll find what you're looking for, whether that's just a place to train or progress in your skills as a martial artist. 

Adam Morton

Tom B.jpg


Simon Squires is an enthusiastic, motivating and patient coach.

Training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has had a positive impact on my life and has increased my overall level of fitness.

South Moreton Boxing Club has a great atmosphere and commitment to its students, I would highly recommend!

Tom Brown

Sean O.jpg


Since I started training at South Moreton, I've found the training to be very thorough.

The BJJ program is run in a way where all the drills are connected to give you plenty of options. The instruction from Simon is personal and informative to each person. Always making time to be sure we understand and drill correctly.

The environment is fun and friendly which makes training even more enjoyable.

Being under professor’s Tom and Chelsea has opened up new and interesting yet understandable paths in BJJ for me and is a pleasure to learn from them and Simon too.

The online training on the website gives you the opportunity to catch up with any classes and seminars you miss, so you don't end up losing too much knowledge.

It's easy to use and navigate with plenty of informative videos to watch and practice along to.

Sean Omalley

Liam B.jpg


I have been practicing Jiu jitsu for 5 years and throughout that time Simon has been a fantastic source of motivation. He is committed to the development of his students and has helped me greatly on my Jiu jitsu journey. I personally enjoy the very structured style of teaching which follows the curriculum as laid out by the excellent coaches, Tom Barlow and Chelsea Leah. South Moreton Boxing Club is a great place to learn BJJ. It is welcoming and friendly, has an excellent array of facilities with a brilliant new dojo for Jiu jitsu. Jiu jitsu is a brilliant sport that really helps develop a strong understanding of your body's ability and challenges you to overcome any weaknesses you may have. It causes you to develop respect and trust for your teammates while helping you to get physically fit and mentally tough too.

Liam Busby

Charles Truswell.jpg


I've lived in Oxfordshire since 01 June 2019. I met Simon (Squires) about three days later at one of his Brazilian Jiujitsu classes. It was packed! You're trying to count but before you know it you're warming up and getting ready in an enthusiastic and lively atmosphere. You can instantly see the camaraderie between the students and Simon. And you very quickly know why. Simon takes such a great interest in all his students. Whether they're MMA athletes, competitive grapplers, average bill just keeping fit, the new students, old, young, whatever. He can teach at all levels. Fantastic technical knowledge with the patience and understanding to teach BJJ and MMA to anybody. The South Moreton Boxing Club setup is unique facility where Simon and his colleagues training sessions really stand out. Whether it's an air-conditioned, fully matted room to spar or you want to do strength and conditioning outside in the sun or just grind the miles out on the treadmill. They've got you covered. John (Houston) and his team have done a great job of developing this fantastic gym. His team are always friendly and helpful.

Charles Truswell



Having moved around a lot, I've trained at a lot of gyms over the past few years but can honestly say I've never enjoyed or gotten more out of my training than with Simon and the guys at SMBC. Simon is an awesome coach, who always goes the extra mile to help you progress, and he's created a team of awesome people who are passionate about helping each other progress their BJJ game. I genuinely couldn't ask for a better coach, a better place to train or better people to train with.

Dan Sly



I can't recommend SMBC enough, I have attended the MMA, jiu-jitsu and circuits classes and each one has been so enjoyable. The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming and Simon ensures he gives plenty of attention and time to every student to ensure everyone is comfortable with what's being taught each session. 


I've trained at several gyms prior to SMBC and I can honestly say none have even come close to the standard set here.

Mitchell Brain

Ryan Arkle.jpg


Great place to train!

There are lots of classes to choose from throughout the week. Everyone I’ve met so far have been friendly and the coaches are very knowledgeable. Open mat sessions are plentiful too so there is always something happening! The weights room is always kept tidy and has everything you could want to workout. I live 25 mins away and I’m very glad I found South Morton to train at since moving! It’s has everything I could ask for.

Ryan Arkle

Andrea Mason.jpg


Ever since I've moved clubs to SMBC it's only been a pleasant experience. Simon is an amazing instructor, his classes are well structured and he always makes sure his students understand and get the drills right. During the lockdown it has been really helpful that they post classes and drills on the website, Simon makes himself available for any questions or concerns. It really feels like comradery, it's a really tight community. Everyone is very friendly and helpful and it's like no other club I've ever been a member in. My performance improved immensely and there's an abundance of classes I can attend in case I have to miss my usual class so the learning never stops.

Andrea Mason



I am quite a nervous person so when I first started BJJ it was quite difficult for me to pluck up the courage to even leave my house for my first class.  Simon was very welcoming and made me feel at ease with being out of my comfort zone.  As an instructor Simon is very laid back in a good way and also very patient.  You can never ask him too many questions.  I have made some good friends at the club now and the whole atmosphere is really friendly and welcoming.  I’ll keep training under Simon as long as he will have me.

Scott Oliver



It's always an anxious feeling going into a gym for the first time, but I needed have worried as Simon and the members are all so welcoming/approachable. Simon's teaching methods and style is second to none. He comes from a varied marital arts back ground and it comes across with all the hints and tips he gives whilst practising the different techniques. If you were ever in doubt about joining, don't be. It will be a great decision that you won't regret.

Simon McEvoy

Liam D.jpg


Great place to train BJJ, solid community and always friendly to new people.

Highly recommended.

Liam Dahle Ortiz



Simon has a great knowledge on the sport, he coaches MMA/BJJ at SMBC. SMBC is a very clean and friendly gym for all.




Simon is an amazing coach. His dedication to teaching and attention to detail is second to none and no matter how busy the class he always makes sure everyone receives sufficient attention. His teaching has helped me made leaps and bounds in my game

Adrian Au

Adrian Lusiak.png


I’ve been training BJJ/MMA since 2019 and have to say that South Moreton Boxing club is the best BJJ/MMA gym I’ve ever trained in.
No matter what your skill level or age is South Moreton boxing club is right for you! 
I made a best decision when I joined this club 6months ago .
Their great coaches will help you from the very basics right up to fighting.
Definitely recommend it to everyone!

Adrian Lusiak

Greg C.jpg


I joined here after only being at one other club and couldn't be happier. Simon is a great instructor who has a brilliant way of breaking everything down and always has time for every student.The club has a good team atmosphere from all different walks of life and experiences and very welcoming.With the big number of classes all through the week and the vast equipment I never have to worry about missing classes and having something to do, with the lockdowns the online support has been a massive help.

Greg C

Joss Coulton.jpg


Simon Squires runs a fantastic BJJ & MMA club! Myself and both of my daughters train BJJ, and my daughters are due to start MMA once lockdown ends!

The atmosphere in the club is excellent, people of all levels training together, in a no ego, no pressure environment. It’s a perfect club for those wanting to improve to elite levels and compete, or for those wanting to get fit while learning a martial art.... (which is awesome)! Myself and my family absolutely love it there!

Joss Coulton

Chris Pretlove.jpg


I have been working with Simon for over a year, being a mixed martial artist, my grappling and ground game has been massively behind my striking. This is until I met Simon, his attention to detail and all-round knowledge of not just BJJ but boxing and MMA has helped me massively. Every session I learn more and more and I am excited for the future.

Chris Pretlove



I knew from the very first training that this place I had been looking for a long time ... great atmosphere in the club and a very experienced and nice trainer. I can boldly say that this is the best club I have ever trained in ... I highly recommend it.

Krystian Gnatkowski

Ben Dixon.png


I have really enjoyed BJJ since joining South Moreton boxing club and under Simons coaching I feel I am starting to develop as a stronger white belt. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the people are friendly which makes the learning more enjoyable. Everyone is there to help you out and no one comes in with an ego which makes the club a great place to be.

Ben Dixon

george belcher_edited.jpg


 I’ve been training under Simon Squires for almost 2 years down at performance jiu jitsu. Simon has a great curriculum for brand new beginners to advanced competitors. If you’re looking to learn BJJ I do highly recommend coming to Performance Jiu Jitsu. Our coach Simon Squires is a black belt under two world champions professors Tom Barlow & Chelsea Leah. So I can assure that you’re in good hands!

George Belcher

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