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Williams Guard Omoplata Flip

Jumping over your body is one of the most common omoplata counters your partner will attempt. 
You can stop this by blocking your opponents hip the moment you set up the omoplata. Alternatively, you can use their movement against them to sweep. 
We're going to cover this sweep in this plan. 

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Here's the plan

Warm Up Drill #1: Williams Guard Switch ( 3 min ea) 

Technical Drill #1: Countering the jump over (2 min) 

Flow Drill #1: Closed Guard --> Williams Guard --> Omoplata --> Counter Jump Over --> Mount (3 min alternating) 

Specific Training #1: Williams Guard Control (opponent tries to escape guard, 2 min ea) Specific Training #2: Williams Guard (reset when you sweep, submit, or lose position, 2 min ea) 


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